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A key component of a healthy and fulfilling life is good sexual health. At Rejuvenate Your Life, we offer two different services to help both men and women achieve their sexual health goals.

GAINSWave Therapy Tampa

This therapy is used for helping men who wish to achieve better erections and attain optimal sexual performance. When a man has erectile dysfunction, he is unable to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. While this can happen from time to time, an ongoing issue can become very stressful, ruin your confidence, and cause problems within your relationship or marriage. The great news is there is GAINSWave Therapy here in Tampa, to help alleviate common problems that cause erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave has many lasting benefits including increased sensation in the penis, better ejaculations, and enhanced sexual performance. GAINSWave Therapy is a simple, drug free procedure which requires no downtime and produces long lasting results!

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ThermiVa Tampa

As women age, the skin, tissues, and muscles in the vagina tend to loosen which can lead to burning, discomfort during sex, and vaginal dryness. In order to cope, many women turn to painful treatments and ineffective prescription drugs to solve their problem. The problem is though, that they don’t work. Luckily, there is ThermiVa in Tampa, which is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Instead of letting the stress of vaginal issues destroy your relationship, consider using ThermiVa to build new collagen which will lead to tighter, softer, and more lubricated vaginal tissues. Just like the therapy for men, this procedure is simple and quick; you can even go back to work immediately after and have sex later that night!

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